NZSOLD ANCOLD 2019 | Combined Conference

Resilient Dams & Levees for
Resilient Communities

9 – 12 October 2019, Pullman Hotel Auckland
Workshop, Conference, Post Conference Tour

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The theme of the pre-conference Workshop is
Resilient Dams in an Earthquake Environment

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Earthquake-Induced Cracking at Embankment Dams

Critical state approach

Assessing post-liquefaction strengths


Estimating transient and permanent deformations in slopes and a case study for a slope supporting penstocks


New ANCOLD Earthquake Guidelines and the new Geoscience Australia earthquake catalogue for seismic ground motion hazard in Australia and comparison of ANCOLD and NZSOLD guidelines and hazard levels


Different methods for estimating permanent displacements in embankments subjected to strong earthquake shaking and a case study relating to earthfill embankments subjected to the 2013 Lake Grassmere and 2016 Kaikoura earthquakes